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Employing Digital Strategy to Maximum Advantage

Many companies do not pay much attention to Central and Eastern Europe despite the fact that it's a large, developing region that presents a significant opportunity. However, success requires understanding the area's complexity and challenges, being intimately familiar with the market dynamics, and developing supply chain strategies that fit with those dynamics.
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Customer Satisfaction Summit: Driving Customer Satisfaction from the Call Center

Most businesses claim to care about the customer experience. A considerably smaller amount actually delivers a satisfying one. It is a story as old as time: talking the talk but not walking the walk. The consequences, however, continue to get more significant. Thanks to simultaneous escalation of customer expectations and rise of social channels for sharing feedback, businesses that waver in their customer experience commitments are not only missing an opportunity to capitalize on their engagements - they are actively driving existing and potential customers to their competitors.
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Employing Digital Strategy to Maximum Advantage

This case study from San Diego State University's College of Extended Studies details how online marketers deftly utilized new forms of technology to increase outreach in a methodical and measured way.
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LIMS and the Lab Informatics Landscape

This webinar will review the current Lab Informatics landscape, with particular focus on LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). The role of LIMS will be discussed - how it has evolved, current functional footprint and how it is likely to evolve in the future considering the emergence of other complementary technologies such as ELN (Electronic Lab Notebooks), LES (Laboratory Execution System) and SDMS (Scientific Data Management System). Best practice integration with ELN, LES and SDMS will also be reviewed, with a view to helping clarify the confusion that tends to exist in the market regarding the "overlap" between LIMS and ELN/LES technology.
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Innovation in a multi-channel world: Interview with Kodak's Chief Growth Officer, Personalised Imaging

In this video interview, recorded during PEX Week Europe, editor Diana Davis talks to Darren Johnson about the implications of rapid technology change and the rise of what he calls omni-channel retailing.
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Reflections on Compound Management in an Ever-Changing Organisation

Tenna Juul Schroder, Head of Department, Molecular Pharmacology, Lundbeck, shares her insights on compound management in an ever-changing organisation and discusses new compound management strategies involving outsourcing to CROs, to be able to support projects with a more flexible solution for hit finding.
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Brigadier General Bodgan Tworkowski, NATO Allied Land Command HQ

Speaking at IAV 2014, Brig Gen Bodgan Tworkowski, Deputy Chief of Staff, Support, NATO Allied Land Command HQ, explains how useful the Armoured Vehicles conference is to him as he has witnessed the industry move from being a local market to a global one, in which ideas and partnerships are more frequently executed on a multinational level.
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An Interview with Gerd Maass, VP for R&D at Roche Pharmaceuticals Chapter 3 - Biobanking

With a focus on biobanking Gerd Maass of Roche, outlines some common difficulties in isolating biomarkers from samples that have previously been stored in a bio/tissue bank; he shares his opinions on storage techniques for samples to get the best results. He also sheds light on the state of Roche's internal biobank, discusses the extent to which Roche sources samples externally from biobanks, and the main difficulties/challenges with this. Finally, he gives some research-side advice for new or expanding biobanks.
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The Optimism Bias - Megaprojects Fail Because We Are Hardcoded To Lie

IIn this exclusive podcast for Oil and Gas IQ, Tim Haïdar speaks with Giorgio Locatelli, Member of EU Megaproject Initiative and Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln. In the course of his interview, Giorgio divulges some of thefindings of his research, including the startlingfact that we may, as a species, be the fundamental reason why four out of five megaprojects come in late and over budget!
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Incorporating Technology & Social Networks into Your Corporate Learning Strategy

Art Dobrucki, CPCU, Director Learning Strategy & Performance, University of Farmers at Farmers Insurance Group discuss incorporating technology and social networks into your corporate learning strategy.
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Do Nordic Armoured Vehicles Have A Future?

In this candid podcast interview, Norway's former Chief of Defence General (Rtd) Sverre Diesen introduces his controversial prediction of the role of future armoured vehicles, looking at the rise of C4I capabilities and the ever-changing face of warfare. General Diesen will be presenting his case in further detail at the conference, but requests that his opinion be challenged by those who disagree.
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IT Against the Whole World? It Doesn't Have to Be That Way

In this podcast, John shares the pressures put on IT, and how sometimes the department feels as if organizations view them only as cost centers. It doesn't have to be that way, according to John. It is possible to align IT department with the business drivers and run the division more like a business thanks to chargeback models. Listen in to discover John's tips for how he merged the IT and Finance Departments within his own organization.
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Notable Speakers

  • Mr. Dingani Banda
    Commissioner – Customs Services
    Zambia Revenue

  • Hon Onkokame Kitso Mokaila (MP)
    Minister of Minerals
    Energy Water Resources, Botswana

  • Steve Towers
    Lead Coach and Co-Founder
    BP Group, UK

  • Mr. Steven Thompson
    SVP and CEO
    Johns Hopkins Medicine International, USA

  • Paul Bloxham
    Chief Economist
    HSBC Australia

  • Ben Somerville
    Spatial Systems Manager, Spatial Engineering Services
    Thiess Pty Ltd

  • Leslie Behnke
    VP Process Improvement and Service Quality
    TD Canada Trust

  • Inna Ben-anat
    Director, Head of Qbd and Product Robustness

  • Dr. Oliver Franz
    RWE AG

  • Arno von Querfurth
    Manager Advanced Diagnosis & Remote Solutions - Daimler Trucks Advanced Engineering
    Daimler AG, Germany

  • Bongani Biyela
    RBT Resources (Pty) Ltd

  • Ms Beatrice Memo
    Commissioner Customs Services
    Kenya Revenue Authority

  • S K Agrawal
    Deputy General Manager – SCADA & Telecommunications

  • Mr. Steven Thompson
    SVP and CEO
    Johns Hopkins Medicine International, USA

  • Mike Burnheim
    Assistant Director-General, Shared Services
    Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation & the Arts

  • Dino Sarac
    Chief Engineer, Geotechnical & Hydraulics Engineering Services
    Bechtel Corporation

  • Don Linsenmann
    VP Business Process Excellence and Corporate Six Sigma Champion

  • Leslie Behnke
    VP Process Improvement and Service Quality
    TD Canada Trust

  • Shira A. Scheindlin
    United States District Judge
    United States District Court

  • Dr. Pierre Metz
    Organisational Safety Manager
    Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

  • Sanjay Banga
    Head-PSC, Automation and Contracts
    TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited

  • Manoharan V.G.
    Chief Engineer-Production & Communication
    Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation

  • Ahmed Bin Saleh Al Jahdhami
    Chief Executive Officer
    Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP)

  • H.E. Salim Al Aufi
    Chief Executive Officer
    Public Authority of Civil Aviation

  • John Boyd
    Director, Defense Biometrics and Forensics
    Office of the Secretary of Defense

  • Sheila Cahnman
    Vice President, Healthcare Market Sector Leader

  • Tânia Nossa
    Diretora do Shared Services Center

  • Herberto Yamamuro
    Chief Executive Officer

Past Partners

  • Accenture Atento Boeing Capgemini
  • FGV Force Protection General Dynamics Genpact
  • IBM KPMG L3 Communications Lockheed Martin
  • Northrop Grumman Raytheon Schlumberger Siemans
  • Skydex Totvs